Cache Valley Software Markets TAPEMNGL, the TapeXpert (a general purpose tape/cartridge utility for large mainframe systems running an MVS operating system).

TAPEMNGL is a general purpose tape utility written by David Meyers of Cache Valley Software. It was written to replace the myriad of old tape utilities, including TAPEMAP, LISTFLS, TAPELOOK, COPYTAPE, COPYVOL, TAPEMARK, TAPEANAL, TAPER, among others. TAPEMNGL was written to provide a single easy to use program with the capabilities of all of these old utility programs as well as many new functions. The initial inspiration for TAPEMNGL was the TAPEMAP program of the University of Missouri Medical Center.

The original code for TAPEMNGL was written in June of 1979 to simply map tapes (i.e. give complete and correct information from the labels of a standard label tape and shortest and longest block plus block counts for no label tapes). More and more functions have been added over the years to allow for getting more detailed information from almost any type of tape, plus features for copying almost any type of tape to any other type of tape. It works in either a batch or a started task enviroment.

Mapping tapes is still one of the major uses of TAPEMNGL. It allows the user to find out what is really on a tape and gives information needed in order to access that data. TAPEMNGL also has features that allows the user to convert data not generally accessible in an MVS enviroment to a form that can be accessed.

TAPEMNGL runs on all levels of MVS from MVS/SP to MVS/ESA, OS390 and Zos. TAPEMNGL is year 2000 compliant.

TAPEMNGL Latest Release Pageload module Aug. 17, 2007 (Version 2.5.00-0 P-00-0)

TAPEMNGL load module Nov. 1, 2005 (Version 2.4.00-0 P-001)

TAPEMNGL Manual Nov. 4, 2005 (Version 2.4.00-0 P-001)

TAPEMNGL load library Nov. 1, 2005 (Version 2.4.00-0 P-001)

TAPEMNGL macros Nov. 1, 2005 (Version 2.4.00-0 P-001)

TAPEMNGL sample jobs Nov. 24, 2004 (Version 2.4.00-0 P-001)

TAPEMNGL Installation Instructions Nov. 4, 2005 (Version 2.4.00-0 P-001)BR>

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