TAPEMNGL Online Documentation
Basic Overview of TAPEMNGL
1.1. Description of TAPEMNGL Online Guide
1.2. Overview of the TapeXpert --- TAPEMNGL
1.3. What is TAPEMNGL, the TapeXpert
1.4. Why the Strange Name
1.5. Mapping Capabilities
1.6. Displaying Data
1.7. Copying Data
1.8. Converting Data
1.9. Recovering Data
1.10. Console Control
1.11. Enhancements and Updates
1.12. Previous TAPEMNGL Releases

Basic Functions for Getting Information
2.1. Important Notes On The Program TAPEMNGL
2.2. What Can The Program TAPEMNGL Do
2.3. Basic JCL To Run TAPEMNGL
2.4. Running TAPEMNGL (Other Than Basic Map)
2.5. Files Used By TAPEMNGL
2.6. Notes On Using DD Cards With TAPEMNGL
2.7. Notes On Variations of TAPEMNGL PARMs

Getting and Converting Data from Tapes
3.1. Basic Mapping PARMs of TAPEMNGL
3.2. Tape Structure PARMs of TAPEMNGL
3.3. PARMs For Listing and/or Dumping Data From Tape
3.4. PARMs for Listing IEBCOPY Unloaded Datasets
3.5. PARMs for Converting IEBCOPY Unloaded Datasets
3.6. PARMs for Converting/Listing/Dumping OCTAL Tapes
3.7. Converting Honeywell Data to MVS Format
3.8. JCL Needed When Using PARM HCONVERT
3.9. Sample JCL Using PARM
3.10. Example of JCL with PARM CONVERT
3.11. Example of JCL with PARM HONEYPRT
3.12. Multiple Maps (Single Step)
3.13. Sample JCL Using PARM=MAPS

Copying Tapes
4.1. Copying a Tape with TAPEMNGL
4.2. PARMs for Copying Tapes
4.3. Control Card Format for Copy
4.4. Format of FORMAT Control Card
4.5. PREFIX Control Card
4.6. CATALOG Control Card
4.7. Alternate Copy Method for Standard Label Tapes
4.8. Copying Tapes: Methods Used by TapeXpert
4.9. Copying Tapes: The Basic Methods
4.10. Special Copying Notice
4.11. New DCB Control Card

More on Copying Tapes
5.1. Copying Tapes: Using Catalog Information
5.2. Sample Jobs Using CATCOPY PARM
5.3. Copying Tapes: Using TMS Information
5.4. Sample Jobs Using TMSCOPY PARM
5.5. Copying Multi-File-Multi-Volume Tapes
5.6. Multiple Copies of a Multi-File-Multi-Volume Tape
5.7. Example of an SLSL Copy
5.8. Example of an NLNL Copy
5.9. Example of an NLSL Copy

Copying and Converting Tape Data
6.1. Copying SL Tape to ASCII Label Tape
6.2. Copying SL Tape to ASCII No Label Tape
6.3. Example of a PDPCONV (Copying PDP SL Tape to an MVS SL Tape)
6.4. Example of a DOSCOPY (Copying DOS SL Tape to MVS SL Tape)
6.5. Example of a DECCONV (Copying and Converting DEC Tape to MVS SL Tape)
6.6. Example of IEHM3380 (Converting IEHMOVE Unloaded Data)
6.7. Converting CMS (CSS) Data to MVS Format
6.8. JCL Needed When Using PARM CMSCNVT

Copying Multiple Tapes
7.1. Example of Copying Multiple Tapes to a Single Tape
7.2. PARM for Copying Multi-Volume Tape File
7.3. Control Card Format for PARM=CONCAT
7.4. Example of Copying with PARM=CONCAT
7.5. Copying Multi-Volume File with Parm=COPY
7.6. PARM for Making Several Duplicate Tapes
7.7. PARMs for Combining Tapes
7.8. PARM for Making Multiple Copies of a Tape
7.9. PARM for Duplicating Special Tapes
7.10. Multiple Tape Copies in a Single Step

Copying Tape/Disk to Tape/Disk
8.1. Copying Data from Tape to Disk
8.2. Restoring Data from Tape to Disk
8.3. Disk to Disk/Tape Features
8.4. Needed Manual Library Members
8.5. Record Layout for Copy Dataset Information
8.6. Copying Datasets from Disk to Disk
8.7. Copying Datasets from Disk to Tape
8.8. Copying Datasets from Disk to PC

Additional Special Functions
9.1. PARM for Doing Multiple LISTLIBs (CONVERT, etc) on Same Tape
9.2. PARMs for Examining Tape Past the Normal End of Tape
9.3. Using TAPEMNGL to Recover Data from Tapes
9.4. Sample Output Using PARM TAPEEND=002

Informational Functions
10.1 PARMs to Get Manuals
10.2. TAPEMNGL Job Statistics
10.3. PARMs for Tape Librarian Tape Management
10.4. Special PARMs

All Contents Copyrighted © 1979, 1984, 1987, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
by David R. Meyers and Cache Valley Software. All Rights Reserved.

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